Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Champion of the Year

The Personal Finance Society exists to promote and facilitate the provision of financial advice and does so by leading the financial planning community towards higher levels of professionalism through technical knowledge, client service and ethical practice.

Ethical behaviour is a key aspect of professionalism and is an essential part of building a reputation which is valued and respected. As a result, PFS members are required to act in accordance with the CII Code of Ethics – made up of five core duties:

  1. Comply with the Code and all relevant laws and regulations
  2. Act with the highest ethical standards and integrity
  3. Act in the best interests of each client
  4. Provide a high standard of service
  5. Treat people fairly regardless of age; disability; gender reassignment; pregnancy and maternity; marriage and civil partnership; race; religion and belief; sex; and sexual orientation

The fifth core duty is particularly relevant for this award, as it reinforces the expectation that treating people fairly, and acting in accordance with principles aligned with equity, diversity and inclusion, is an essential part of ethical behaviour and professionalism.

See the Code of Ethics practical guide here.

Award criteria

The award seeks to recognise a commitment to promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in all areas of the personal finance profession (e.g., inclusive practices, initiatives). Entrants meeting the award criteria could be:

  • actively committed to building more inclusive work environments and experiences through day to day behaviours or participations in initiatives (small or large scale)
  • involved in or leading on projects/initiatives that support commitment to E, D & I which in turn raise public trust
  • in an organisation of any size
  • consciously working towards being more inclusive, to staff and clients
  • future proofing business and progressing the profession to be more inclusive and representatively diverse
  • going the extra mile in considering clients and staff in vulnerable circumstances


  • Full members of the Personal Finance Society
  • Members of the PFS Board and advisers with ongoing disciplinary actions against them are excluded


Stage one

When assessing the submission the judges will be looking for evidence of the following:

  • Explain your passion for promoting ED&I
  • Examples of your commitment to promoting ED&I
  • Why you deserve the accolade ED&I champion of the year
  • Examples of positive outcomes your ED&I work has had
  • Additional contributions / personal statement
Stage two
  • Supporting video submission