Yogesh was thrilled to be crowned our first ever ‘Education Champion of the Year’, thanks to his efforts in delivering My Personal Finance Skills educational workshops to over 300 students in 12 schools and colleges across London and the south east. 

But as Yogesh recognises, it is very much a team effort: “This is not just for me. I want to share it with everyone who gives up their time to deliver financial advice and education sessions in schools. In picking up this honour, I feel I am a representative for all of our education champions.” 

Yogesh explains why he is so passionate about his involvement: “I get a feeling of inner warmth and satisfaction when I meet A-level students who genuinely want to be there, and who follow up with wide ranging and thought-provoking questions. I’ve already got plans to build on this success further via social media. Watch this space! 

Yogesh concludes: “From a Quilter perspective, providing more financial education as a route to improving financial well-being is one of Quilter’s key commitments as a responsible business and Quilter is hugely proud of the award I have picked up.” 

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