Jenni Currell – Senior Technical Analyst, Lockhart Capital Management LLP  

Winning the paraplanner of the year was certainly a highlight in an otherwise very tedious year under lockdown. I treated the case study like a written exam paper, ensuring I read and understood the questions and read up on the areas I hadn’t looked at for a while before starting to draft a response. Once I’d drafted the answers I checked and refined them, making sure the formatting was perfect and the document flowed well before submitting it.

For anyone looking to enter, I’d really encourage it, as it’s an interesting and challenging document to write. Putting the answers together took some time but as it counts towards the annual CPD requirement it is definitely worth doing. It is a huge confidence booster to have won the award, alongside the recognition of paraplanning being a rewarding and fulfilling career choice.

If you do enter, make sure you sent aside some time to read through and draft your answers, it’s not something that can be done in an afternoon. Check all your calculations and keep researching the areas covered to make sure you’ve included all you can.

The 2021/22 awards are the ones to enter as hopefully you’ll be able to attend the awards ceremony in person, rather than biting your nails from your sofa as the results are revealed!

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