Thinking back to my awards entry feels like an age of the world has passed!  I was completing the entry early on in the first lockdown – so much was whirling and uncertain at the time that it is hard to remember exactly what I was thinking or writing at the time.  It was a speculative entry that seemed like a good distraction from listening to the news, I never really anticipated becoming a finalist or winning!

What was the secret ingredient in your awards entry last year which you think gave you an edge?

The entry was authentic and true to the spirit which I set up Switchfoot Wealth.  I have a clear mission statement for the firm – so my various activities from study, volunteering and client work all logically lead back to completing the mission.  Hopefully that came through in the entry.

How have you / your firm put winning the award to good use? (e.g. highlighting it to current and potential clients)

I am very, very proud of this award, it is plastered over my marketing.  It has been very useful in helping to open doors.  I am saying the same message but more people are prepared to listen.    

What general tips can you offer anyone looking to enter this year?

  • Don’t think about the award entry or what the judges are looking for, you don’t need a marketing team or a professional bid writer.  Rather, think about your own mission and list everything that you do that helps you achieve this mission.
  • If you have not created a mission statement before, then start by defining your core values, your vision for your business and your purpose.  Then distil these into a short mission statement.  With this mission statement in mind ask yourself
    • What does this mean for our advice offering?
    • What does this mean for our clients?
    • What does this mean for our suppliers and industry?
    • What does this mean for our colleagues?
  • If your mission is valuable and noble, and you truly live by it, then people will want to come on the journey with you and hopefully it will be apparent to the judges in your entry.

Is there one top tip above all others?

Be true to your mission and let it guide your thinking and direction of your business, recognition will follow in time.

As we emerge from the pandemic why is now an excellent time to enter the awards?

Now is the only time to enter the awards!  The 2021/22 awards will not come again so this is your only chance!

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