The My Personal Finance Skills initiative delivers free financial education workshops to schools through a network of Education Champions who give up their time on a pro bono basis to give back to their local communities. By harnessing the expert financial knowledge of Personal Finance Society members along with their passion to help students understand more about money, this programme has the capacity for national reach across all corners of the UK. 

What started off as a vision of free financial education to schools is now being realised and gaining momentum thanks to our Education Champions.

The financial education content of each workshop has received the financial education quality mark and supported by Young Money to ensure that what is being delivered is of a high standard. To support workshop delivery, Education Champions go through the financial education sign-off process to ensure they are workshop ready.

Since September 2019, Education Champions have collectively delivered over 460 workshops reaching over 13,000 students across the UK. With over 95% student approval ratings across all workshops, the contribution, enthusiasm and the continued support of Education Champions are the driving forces behind the success of this initiative.

As the programme has grown, it was time to recognise the contributions made by Education Champions with the introduction of the My Personal Finance Skills Education Champion of the Year Award

We are excited to see one of our Education Champions recognised for their outstanding contributions to the programme and helping to educate the next generation. Without them, My Personal Finance Skills would not be possible. We are now looking for all Education Champions that have delivered one of our workshops to consider this award and I look forward to receiving the nominations. For any questions, please contact George Tsounias, Relationship Manager – Education.

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